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In Plymouth, from the Hoetake a stroll down Madeira Road to the historic heart of Plymouth, known as the Barbican after the gateway to the castle which once stood on the site, and you reach the waterfront with many interesting shops, and museums.

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One Museum is dedicated to the Mayflower and how the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for the New World in 1620, and lists all that sailed on that famous voyage.

One of the best views in Plymouth is without a doubt Smeaton's Tower, once the top of the old 1759 Eddystone Lighthouse, it was taken apart stone by stone and rebuilt on the Hoe, after it begun it to shake in stormy weather.

The National Trust's imposing Saltram House, with its fine Adam interiors whose original Axminster carpets mirror the painted ceilings above, actually stands within the boundaries of the city.

The Plymouth coast-line is some of the most interesting in the country from long stretches of golden sands to sheer impregnable cliffs, and by contrast be sure to visit nearby Dartmoor,the last great wilderness in England, Dartmoor is diverse and fascinating covering some 365 square miles, aspects ranging from ancient oak woodlands to important butterfly and archaeological sites.

The West Country counties of Devon and Cornwall contain may places of interest and demand detailed exploration. There is very much to see and enjoy.

Plymouth's many attractions may searched for within the map below.

Clicking on one of the labelled sites of interest eg 'Art Gallery' will display further information and details in depth which will help plan your visit.

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