East Midlands

Harrogateis one of the finest Spa towns in the North. With its beautiful Victorian architecture and formal gardens, it is a vibrant place to visit. Not to be missed is theVictoria Gardens Shopping Centre, which is situated in the centre, or theMontpellier Gardens which are lovingly tended, such that its wonderful display of floral artistry never fails to draw gasps of admiration from countless thousands of visitors.

Set in the heart of North Yorkshire, it is superbly situated for exploring the surrounding area, from the Yorkshire Dales to the many intriguing attractions such as 'Mother Shipton's Cave’. Moving south, after a tour of the Peak District, do visit the city ofDerby - home to Rolls Royce Aerospace and Toyota - and on to the countryside of the fabled Robin Hood.

Nottinghamis one of Britain's historic cities. Situated in the East Midlands its history spans back some two thousand years to Roman times.

Leeds and Sheffield are two cities with many such attractions, as well as a wide variety of interesting shops, views and entertainments, and a major shopping centre at Meadowhall which attracts millions of visitors each year.

East Midlandshas many attractions;excellent restaurants and cafe's with an abundance of good food anda wide variety of interesting shops.Nottinghamalso provides plenty of entertainment and a vibrant nightlife is to be found around this university city.


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