Nottinghamisset in the heart of rural Britain, and famous as 'Robin Hood' country. It has a wide array of attractions, from local industries such as lace-making to the market towns and varied countryside of the surrounding area.The city has a superb range of shops, restaurants and entertainments, and a friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

The exploits of Robin Hood are fabled and the subject of many films and television dramas, and thus a statue celebrates his links with the city.

Nottingham castle, also part of the tales, has now beenconverted to a museum which is well worth a visit, and contains information about the city and its rich historical, industrial and literary links.

Also not to be missed is the City Hall and whichis typical of the magnificent architecture that makes up Nottingham. The building faces onto the main square - one of the city's focal points. The University, too should not be missed. Ithas a beautiful site on the banks of the river Trent which runs through the city.

Nottinghamhas many attractions;excellent restaurants and cafe's with an abundance of good food anda wide variety of interesting shops. Additionally there is plenty of entertainment and a vibrant nightlife all to be found around this graceful city.


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