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Quite a slog getting this new version of The Guide to Britain up and working but hopefully it will go live by mid April 2017 - and here it is folks - enjoy.

Now entirely mobile friendly - any comments?

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I have just visited your site and enjoyed it very much, although I think you need to add more photographs. I am from kendal myself, but I am studying in Augusta, Georiga, U.S.A. at Augusta State Uni. I will be visiting home for christmas and I can't wait!!!!! Bye for Now, Lisa Kinley

Hi everybody! I have lived and worked in Bath for nearly a year and I simply loved the city!!! I am really longing to coming back soon!! Send my greetings to every site: I especially loved the place in front of the Royal Crescent and I will never forget those funny hours in the pubs...!

Soniafrom Germany

.....My best regards to everyone in Oxford.
I have spent the best year of my life in Oxford as a carefree student at the Law School, and enjoyed the city a lot. Miss all the olde worlde pubs and the holiday atmosphere. Hope to be back sometime.
Still love your most helpful Guide .
. Bill Clinton

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